LAXCO Hunting

At LAXCO Inc, we take pride in bringing a wide range of revolutionary optical products to market. Since 2002 we have excelled at designing, developing, and manufacturing unique, game-changing products that have made significant impacts on a number of different industries. We carry this same commitment to our LAXCO Hunting brand. In addition to our line of precision ED binoculars, we have introduced DigieScope™, the first digital rifle sighting scope (patent pending) that provides a video view of the actual scope image. This product is revolutionary in that a unique digital imaging system is incorporated into a rifle scope to provide the user with both a conventional eyepiece view and a "both-eyes-open" video screen view. This allows user to shoot with both eyes open.

Our business model provides friendly and exceptionally supportive customer service. We provide warranty and repair for all products we sell. Our product offerings continue to expand with unique and prized items that apply our own improved optical and electronics performance concepts to existing ideas - this allows us to offer totally new, unique, and never seen before products.

As you review our site, we hope you find the product(s) that address your needs. Our products are targeted at enhancing your enjoyment of the outdoors regardless if you are a hunter, shooter, and/or sportsman, or just enjoy the outdoor experience. Our mission is to continue expanding on our product lines, and to address the special needs of the outdoors sportsman market. To request more information, please click here.